In Memory of Dad

Walter Erich Kempa
(April 20, 1925 - June 24, 2006)

My Dad had a great passion for fishing and being close to nature.  Thought I would share one of his poems he wrote to celebrate his life...

A river talks

by Walter Erich Kempa

       You need not be my enemy

I bring you water cool and clear

To quench your thirst to heal the sear

Let me be running clear and free

And I give life to fishes  you will see

        Its mother earth she has me send

To never rest and keep on giving

Do after me  you will be living

        Are you becoming just like me

Remember no need for rails

But listen closely to my tales

         If I canít live let it be known

A man shall reap what he has sown

Like poison arrows aimed to sting

Itís only right they will return

And strike the one who pulled the string 



Walter Kempa in the German Navy, 1940's served as a signalman.

Emigrated to Canada in the mid-1950's from West Germany and settled on the West Coast, BC, Vancouver Island.  He was employed in the forestry industry, first starting out at McLean Mill, now a National Historic Site in Port Alberni, BC.

Walter was very adept at learning new things.  He was a philosopher also interested metaphysics, sciences including nano-technology, quantum physics and teaching himself how to use the computer.  One of his dreams was to build and fly a gyrocopter.  His favourite scientist was Nikola Tesla.  In his spare time he also enjoyed poetry, art, painting and some photography.  Favourite artists were Wassily Kandinsky, Pablo Picasso and Claude Monet.

His musical tastes were also diverse, including everything from classical to Nana Mouskouri, favourite artists were Jesse Cook, Santana, Dire Straits and Neil Diamond.

Fishing was one of his favourite all-time pastimes.  His heart will always be with the river.


Fragile - by Jesse Cook and Holly Cole : listen here

Jesse Cook & Holly Cole...

Here is some of Dad's artwork:

ANKER - by Walter Erich Kempa

DREAM - by Walter Erich Kempa

HORSE - by Walter Erich Kempa

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